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B o d y   &   S o u l Duration
Harmony Massage The treatment combines relaxation massage and Reflexology with drops of warm sesame oil on the forehead continued with a scalp massage 70 420
Hot Stone  Massage Exciting, luxurious treatment from ancient Indian tradition which combines a massage with the therapist's hands and heated basalt stones 70 440
Combined Massage A massage combined with a number of  techniques that are selected for you by the therapist according to your needs. 70
Deep Tissue Massage A deep technique massage designed to focus on muscle tension and stressed areas in different areas of the body 70
Lymphatic Massage   A massage technique intended to activate  the lymphatic  system aiming to facilitate and acelerate the lymphatic fluids 50 350
Medical Massage Oil massage designed to focus on specific problem in order to ease pain and release muscle tension. 50
Aroma Therapy Massage A gentle Holistic Swedish base  massage with aromatic oils 50 330
Pregnancy Massage – weeks 14-32 A gentle massage to relief pregnancy tension and to help release general pain. 50 295
Swedish Massage Oil Massage designed to release muscle tension, assist blood circulation while focusing on relaxing tense areas.  Recommended for general relaxation. 70
Anti-stress A gentle scalp, hand, and foot massage that includes applying pressure to alleviate  muscle aches 50
Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage A classic massage on the back area designed to focus on releasing tense areas 25 195
Reflexology A massage that involves pressing on the energy channel of the feet in order to obtain balance and calm. 50 330
Relaxation from the F a r  E a s t Duration
Ayurveda A massage with ritual heated sesame oil with gentle movement along the body ending with drops of warm sesame oil on the forehead continued with a face and scalp massage. 70 480
Abayanga A sensational treatment inspired by the Indian doctrine which includes applying warm sesame oil along the length of the body using long, gentle movements 50 350
Shirodhara Face and head massage inspired by the Ayurveda ritual, which includes pouring warm sesame oil on the third eye 25 220
Thai Massage Stretching and pressing along the energy channel of the body carried out on a mattress in comfortable clothing 50 350
Shiatsu A massage method from Japan.  The massage is carried out by pressing on the energy line releasing Tension. The massage is carried out in comfortable clothing 50 350
Secrets of Body Nurturing Duration
Salt Peeling Treatment which assists in opening the pores, removing dead cells and facilitates the circulation to provide a refreshing sense of renewal and cleanliness 25 195
Massaling An invigorating body exfoliation with vitamins based on Dead Sea minerals, with a classic massage that Envelops the entire body with a sense of absolute Relaxation. 50 340
Coffee Peeling Coffee is an active antioxidant, absorbs fluids, shines
the skin, contributes to the anti-aging process and is effective in treating cellulite
50 340
Chocolate Wrap A chocolate body wrap containing vitamins and minerals, which releases endorphins into the body that  are responsible for lifting the spirits 50 340
Mud Wrap A heated mud wrap rich with minerals assists in reducing joint aches and general relaxation ( the 50 min includes a short and gentle massage) 50
Mud wrap & Aloe vera Mud wrap combined with aloe Vera recommended for  those with sensitive skin 50 340
Mud wrap & Seaweed Mud wrap combined with seaweed that helps with cell Renewing skin moisturizing and flexibility. 50 340
Sea Weed Wrap A mineral rich seaweed body wrap which assists in renewing skin cells for balanced moisture and flexible skin 50 340
Aloe Vera Wrap A body wrap with aloe vera essence designed to heal wounds, treat burns and alleviate pain 25 210
Honey wrap
A honey body wrap designed to give the skin a flexible
elastic and especially shiny appearance. An Anti-Cellulite Massage to complete the treatment will be followed
50 360
Caryo Leg  Mud
Warp (for tired
Treatment assisting in reducing swelling and pain due to varicose veins, edema ) combining: cold mud wrap,
 cooling gel, cold compress and added aromatic oils
50 320
Sulfur Sulfur is a vital mineral essential to the body which eases pain and tight muscles 25 60
Pampering Packages Price
Velvet Touch Mud Wrap (25 min) & Classic Massage (50 min) 445
Sun Light Body peeling (25 min) & Classic Massage (50 min) 445
Health and nutrients Mud Wrap (25 min) & Medical  Massage (50 min) & Sulfur Pool (25 min) 565
Beauty and relaxation Mud Wrap (25 min) & classical beauty treatment  (50 min) & Medical Massage (50 min) 825
Sea of love Marine sea crystal body scrub (25 min) & seaweed body wrap (25 min)& Classical Swedish (50 min) 680
R e l a x a t i o n Abyanga treatment (50 min) & Nourishing body tr4eatment with honey (25 min) & Reflexology (50 min ) 835
R e j u v e n a t i o n Classic Swedish treatment ( 50 min) & Caryo Leg (25 min) 475
Couple delight A classic Swedish treatment ( 50 min ) for two in a double treatment room followed by a Cleopatra milk bath and refreshments 860

P e r f e c t   L o o k Duration
Beauty from theDead sea Treatment including peeling, cosmetic face mask and facial massage. The treatment is done with natural materials together with minerals and mud from the dead sea. Gives the skin a fresh and healthy glow 50 350
Deep facial Treatment including deep cleansing and the removal of black heads with facial massage, The treatment is done with natural materials together with minerals from the
 dead sea. Gives the skin a fresh and healthy glow
70 450
Mini Lifting
A firming skin treatment, gently lifting and smoothing out creases to achieve a glowing, healthful look for the skin:
This treatment is based on a papain enzyme mask and  Firming . essences in conjunction with camphor and menthol that help to rejuvenate and improve blood flow to the face. (This treatment is not recommended for anyone suffering from claustrophobia).
50 350
Anti stress facial relief A special harmonious treatment combining a cleansing and aromatherapy massage rich in essences and oils to calm red or irritated skin and any skin suffering from stress 50 350
Purifying facial Special treatment for the face, including a unique peeling based on rice bran, plant enzymes and fruit acide , as well as cleansing and purifying of the skin 50 350
Manicure and hand pampering Mmanicure, soft peeling to remove dead cells and a warm paraffin mask to soften and renew the hands 50 150
Medical Pedicure Oil bath, penetration of moisture and peeling with minerals especially to soften the skin and treat specific medical problems 50 280
Pedicure and feet pampering Pampering  pedicure with Foot massage and peeling. 50 230
Special at Mineralia Spa Duration
Twina Chinese touch therapy that energies the body and aims to balance the flow of chi (energy) in the body. The treatment stimulates blood flow and thus opens blockages, relieves pain, softens smooth movement in the muscles, helps to regain movement ranges and allows healing processes in the body. The treatment is very relaxing and relieves tension and stress. 50 520
Facial massage Remedium Facial massage to strengthen the skin of the face and neck. A particularly pampering massage, to restore elasticity and shine to the skin and to blur wrinkles. Results are visible from the first treatment. 70 650

General information


Entry to the Spa is limited to ages 16 and over.


  • We recommend booking treatments in advance to ensure you receive your preferred treatment at the most convenient time.
  • Please arrive to the spa 10 minutes before your treatment
  • You can pay in any of the following ways: cash, credit card or room charge (only if credit card has been submitted in the hotel reception)
  • Please note that treatment cancellations must be made at least 4 hours in advance. Cancellations made without this advance notice will entail a charge comprising 50% of the total treatment price.
  • The therapist will cease treatment at any time if the guest’s behavior becomes inappropriate or disrespectful.


  • A signed health declaration is required before entering the spa, and for any treatment that may be provided.
  • Please note that the management is not responsible for any damage to or loss of valuables. Changes may be made to the range of treatments and prices.
  • Gratuities may be given at your discretion.

Spa reception

You can call the spa at 08-6591200, or dial from your room:
If your room is on one of the floors 1-9 - dial: 80200
If your room is on one of the floors 10-17 dial: 8200

Spa fax number: 08-6591184

Enjoy your stay with us and have a pampering treatment