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Tel Aviv tourism

Known to many as the birthplace of Judaism and Christianity, Modern Israel is famous for its spirituality as well as for its well known historic sites. However in the heart of Israel we can find its uncrowned cultural capital: the first modern Jewish city, much like through its first days of existence it still determined, bold, restless and obviously lively. Tel Aviv, the first city to be established in the Holy Land for centuries, insists on not being like any other place in Israel. Known as the economic and cultural hub of the country, it is the city home to some top class hotels.

You may start your visit at the ancient section of this modern metropolis. Jaffa is among the oldest biblical cities in the holy land, and an important seaport since antiquity.  Jaffa's Old City quarter features the artists colony and its historic harbor.  Art galleries, gift-shops and restaurants could be found along the narrow alleys.

At the flea market pick up a few souvenirs and presents from antique and odd objects offered for sale.  Ethnic clothes, furniture and much more, could be found in this famous market.

Neve Zedek is among the first neighborhoods built in Tel Aviv during the early 20th century. Much of the original architecture in this quarter has been restored to its original glory.  Suzanne Dellal Cultural Center for Arts, formerly a girl's school going back to the first days of Tel Aviv, stands in the heart of the neighborhood and is famous for its modern dancing performances.

The Tel Aviv Museum of Modern Art displays many famous Israeli art works, as well as various exhibitions from around the world. Absolutely modern and superb is the new Palmach Museum.  A multi-media presentation brings back to life the history of the Palmach  - Israel's first regular military force. The story tells of the struggle and dedication of the youth in their fight for independence.

There are many other historical and cultural museums, exhibitions and sites to be visited: The Diaspora museum which tells the story of the Jewish people around the world through history, the independence hall where our founding fathers declared on the establishment of the state of Israel, the Eretz Israel Museum for archaeology and Ethnography and the many exclusive art galleries, mostly concentrated in Ben Yehuda and Gordon streets.

Strolling along Tel Aviv's streets you can feel the rapidly changing nature of the modern city: From the serious Rabin Square, the site where Yitzhak Rabin, the late Prime Minister of Israel was assassinated to Shenkin and Nahalat Benimin streets where you can spoil yourself with fashion and Jewelry presents, sit in one of the many bohemian cafes, or just sit on a bench and look around on the least of all holy sites, in the Holy Land. Several times a week an open street market takes place in Nahalat Benimin pedestrian mall where you can buy unique pieces of jewelry and clothes.

Near by – totally the opposite by any means – walk into the crowded, and definitely lively, Carmel Market: here and in the near by neighborhood of "Kerem Hateymanim" (Yemenites vineyard) the Levant in its best meets Tel Aviv.

The beach and Tel Aviv's promenade, as well and the renovated harbor – converted into a restaurant area – do not need much description and recommendation: you wont miss them anyway.

Tel Aviv's beach strip is covered by a line of first class hotels. Some of these, like the Hilton, are among the worlds first line hotels, while others can offer great locations, but not much more to justify their high prices – definitely when compared to some of their neighboring hotels, across the Hayarkon street

Beach Tel Aviv Hotel

Come visit the Grand Beach Hotel in sunny Tel Aviv and enjoy its sandy, lively beach scene, even during winter months. If you are coming during winter from cold US eastern coast or Europe, you will be delighted with the mild weather and easygoing spirit.
Israel’s beach – the most beautiful in the Middle East. What could be better than checking into a hotel in the center of Tel Aviv – facing the sea, That’s what we offer you, with the most beautiful at The Grand Beach hotel Tel Aviv.
The Grand Beach hotel is located literally across the road from the Mediterranean and a series of excellent beaches. Any tourist that is hosted in our magnificent hotel might catch that breath taking view. This is, without a doubt, one of the things to consider when looking for a hotel in Tel Aviv.
The city boasts great city beaches, each unique in its ambiance and inhabitants. In the summer, the beach is the place to be, with cool water and a refreshing sea breeze. In the winter the weather shapes the water and sand into the best and most dynamic artwork in the city. This is the city boundary where nature can still be felt full force.
The weather in Tel Aviv is well suited for enjoying the beaches. During the summer heat it’s either A.C or the beach, but you can start tanning as soon as March. Even during December and January there are usually a few days when you can play Frisbee in shorts on the beach!! If you are coming from cold Europe you will find the Tel Aviv winter delightful. If you plan of coming to Tel Aviv, bring a bathing suit. All year-round.