Tel Aviv - a cosmopolitan city

What do you get if you combine Paris, London and New York? Well, if you add blue skies, brilliant sunshine and the Mediterranean Sea, you get Tel Aviv.

For all of its antiquities and long history, Israel is a new and vibrant country that combines the old, the new and the futuristic. Tel Aviv, Israel’s first modern era Jewish city, is just such a combination and every year draws almost a million visitors from overseas. Because Tel Aviv is both the tourist and business center of Israel you can find many Tel Aviv hotels. Whatever sort of Tel Aviv accommodation you need, you’ll find it in this city that never sleeps. Tel Aviv Hotels cover the entire spectrum from traveler’s hostels to ultra modern, super luxurious hotels. Tel Aviv provides everything the visitor needs!

Everything close at hand

Even though it is Israel’s largest metropolis, most Tel Aviv Hotels offers its visitors are concentrated close to the center, where it all happens. Tel Aviv is a city that never sleeps. Cafes, bars and restaurants open all hours of the day and night; clubs that provide a vast range of entertainment that suites all tastes; after-parties, shopping centers with the world’s leading brands open till late at night - everything you could possibly want, and more.

The beach of Tel Aviv Hotels

Tel Aviv also has kilometers of beach with beach bars, restaurants, boats for hire and the amazing Mediterranean Sea. Many of the finest Tel Aviv Hotels has available are situated close to the sea front so all you have to do is step out of your room, cross the road and start enjoying the sun, the sea and the surf.

But that’s not all Tel Aviv has to offer - far from it! Reception staff at all Tel Aviv Hotels will give the latest and best info about nightclubs, discos and the best restaurants. They have an amazing knowledge about all that’s going on in Tel Aviv; all you have to do is ask.

Tel Aviv also has many things for the family on their vacation: cinemas showing the latest international and Israeli films, theatres with plays and musicals, many amazing museums including the Land of Israel Museum with its hands on exhibits and activities for children.

Tel Aviv also has a number of open air markets, each with its own characteristic and atmosphere. From artist’s fairs, to spice markets - Tel Aviv has it all. Once again reception staff at all Tel Aviv Hotels will be able to tell what’s open, what you can find and how to get there.

Tel Aviv has much to see and even more to do. Here’s a short and a very partial list of places you should experience whilst staying at one of the many Tel Aviv Hotels has for you: the Soho of Tel Aviv - Shenkin Street; the Carmel Market, Tel Aviv’s main and extremely colorful market; Nachalat Binyamin - another colorful market, mainly for clothes and unique gifts; and Neve Tsedek, Tel Aviv’s original neighborhood with many historic buildings.

There’s much, much more, just ask at your Tel Aviv Hotels front desk.

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